Sriwijaya Air Feb 2018 China charter operations

Sriwijaya Air in the week of 28JAN18’s OAG Schedules Analyser update filed charter schedule to China, for the month of February 2018. Based on the OAG listing, all service will be operated by Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Denpasar – Changsha 30JAN18 – 27FEB18 2 weekly
Denpasar – Fuzhou 01FEB18 – 27FEB18 1 weekly
Denpasar – Guangzhou 01FEB18 – 27FEB18 4 weekly
Denpasar – Haikou 02FEB18 – 23FEB18 1 weekly
Denpasar – Hangzhou 11FEB18 – 25FEB18 1 weekly
Denpasar – Nanjing 07FEB18 – 28FEB18 3 weekly
Denpasar – Quanzhou/Jinjiang 05FEB18 – 28FEB18 3 weekly
Denpasar – Wuhan 01FEB18 – 22FEB18 1 weekly
Jakarta – Haikou 04FEB18 – 28FEB18 2 weekly

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