Swoop expands Hamilton service from August 2018

Swoop yesterday (22MAR18) announced further expansion at Hamilton, scheduled from mid-August 2018, with the arrival of 4th Boeing 737-800 aircraft in its fleet. The following is updated Swoop operation, as of 22MAR18.

Abbotsford – Edmonton eff 25JUL18 3 daily
Hamilton – Abbotsford eff 20JUN18 6 weekly, 12 weekly from 16AUG18 to 05SEP18
Hamilton – Edmonton eff 25JUN18 7 weekly, 13 weekly from 14AUG18
Hamilton – Halifax eff 20JUN18 6 weekly, 7 weekly from 16AUG18
Hamilton – Winnipeg eff 25JUN18 6 weekly, 7 weekly from 16AUG18