American Miami – Santo Domingo aircraft changes from July 2018

American Airlines in the last few weeks filed additional changes for Miami – Santo Domingo route, which sees all service operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft by 05JUL18. The first 737 MAX 8 flight, departing Miami, is scheduled on 04JUL18 as AA1511.

This route is currently served by 737-800.

AA987 MIA1037 – 1256SDQ 7M8 D
AA1481 MIA1211 – 1429SDQ 7M8 D
AA1337 MIA1755 – 2020SDQ 7M8 D
AA1511 MIA1940 – 2157SDQ 7M8 D

AA1154 SDQ0626 – 0850MIA 7M8 D
AA1026 SDQ0802 – 1025MIA 7M8 D
AA987 SDQ1357 – 1623MIA 7M8 D
AA1481 SDQ1525 – 1759MIA 7M8 D