Air China increases London Heathrow service in 3Q18

Air China during the month of July and August 2018 plans to increase Beijing – London Heathrow service, which sees 3rd daily service scheduled on selected dates, between 16JUL18 and 13AUG18. Operated by A330-300 aircraft, CA615/616 will be operating on following dates: 16JUL18, 17JUL18, 23JUL18, 26JUL18, 27JUL18, 30JUL18, 01AUG18, 03AUG18, 05AUG18, 07AUG18 – 10AUG18, 12AUG18, 13AUG18.

Following schedule is effective the week of 07AUG18, as operational schedule varies.

CA615 PEK1335 – 1755LHR 333 07AUG18
CA615 PEK0925 – 1345LHR 333 08AUG18
CA615 PEK1240 – 1700LHR 333 09AUG18
CA615 PEK1245 – 1705LHR 333 10AUG18
CA615 PEK1040 – 1500LHR 333 12AUG18
CA615 PEK1530 – 1950LHR 333 13AUG18

CA616 LHR1955 – 1315+1PEK 333 07AUG18
CA616 LHR1805 – 1125+1PEK 333 08AUG18
CA616 LHR1855 – 1215+1PEK 333 09AUG18
CA616 LHR2100 – 1420+1PEK 333 10AUG18
CA616 LHR1800 – 1120+1PEK 333 12AUG18
CA616 LHR2150 – 1510+1PEK 333 13AUG18