Azimuth Airlines outlines new routes in S18

Russian carrier Azimuth Airlines in summer 2018 season is introducing various new routes, scheduled to be operated by Sukhoi SuperJet SSJ100 aircraft. Planned new routes include the following.

Elista – Adler/Sochi eff 03JUN18 1 weekly
Elista – Moscow Vnukovo eff 01JUN18 2 weekly
Grozny – St. Petersburg eff 01APR18 4 weekly
Grozny – Moscow Vnukovo eff 01MAY18 1 daily
Krasnodar – Moscow Vnukovo eff 01MAY18 1 daily
Krasnodar – Ufa eff 03APR18 3 weekly
Rostov – Elista eff 01JUN18 2 weekly
Rostov – Grozny eff 24APR18 2 weekly
Rostov – Kazan eff 02APR18 3 weekly
Rostov – Mineralnye Vody eff 05APR18 3 weekly
Rostov – Nizhniy Novgorod eff 01MAY18 3 weekly
Rostov – Ufa eff 01APR18 3 weekly
Stavropol – St. Petersburg eff 03APR18 3 weekly
Simferopol – Krasnodar 03JUN18 – 12SEP18 2 weekly
Simferopol – Mineralnye Vody 03JUN18 – 12SEP18 2 weekly

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