Edelweiss Air schedules Svalbard charters in 3Q18/19

Edelweiss Air during the month of July and August 2018 is operating new charter flights to Svalbard, in partnership with tour operator Kontiki. Airbus A320 aircraft is scheduled to operate Zurich – Longyearbyen service with following schedule.

WK1330 ZRH0920 – 1400LYR 320 28JUL18
WK1330 ZRH1000 – 1450LYR 320 07AUG18

WK1331 LYR1540 – 2035ZRH 320 07AUG18 / 19AUG18

The airline also scheduled Longyearbyen charter service in July 2019, with 2 round-trip flights.

WK1330 ZRH1000 – 1450LYR 320 10JUL19 / 20JUL19
WK1331 LYR1540 – 2035ZRH 320 20JUL19 / 28JUL19