Air Canada expands 737 MAX 8 network in W18

Air Canada earlier this month rolled out further expanded network for its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, including taking over selected routes served by Air Canada rouge. Planned new 737 MAX 8 routes in winter 2018/19 season as follows.

Montreal – Fort-de-France eff 28OCT18 2 weekly (Planned increase to 3 weekly from 18DEC18 unchanged; replacing Air Canada rouge A319)
Montreal – Pointe-a-Pitre eff 31OCT18 2 weekly, 3 weekly from 17DEC18 (Replacing Air Canada rouge A319)
Montreal – St. Lucia eff 21DEC18 1 weekly (Replacing Air Canada rouge A319)
Toronto – St. Maarten eff 15DEC18 Service resumes with 2 weekly flights, compared to 1 weekly in winter 2016/17 season (Replacing Air Canada rouge 767)
Toronto – West Palm Beach eff 28OCT18 5 weekly, 1 daily from 04DEC18 (The 737 MAX 8 operates on 1 of 2 daily flights, replacing A320 during peak season)
Vancouver – Los Angeles eff 28OCT18 1 of 4-5 daily operated by 737 MAX 8, replacing Mainline A319/320/321

Separately, the airline’s planned 737 MAX 8 service on following routes is being delayed:

Calgary – Kahului eff 02DEC18 3 weekly (Planned Mainline service from 28OCT18 unchanged, with 767 operating from 28OCT18 to 01DEC18. The addition of 4th weekly from 17DEC18 remains unchanged)
Vancouver – Honolulu eff 01DEC18 11 weekly (Air Canada rouge 767 is now scheduled to operate until 30NOV18, instead of 27OCT18)