Air Marshall Islands W18 scheduled operations

Air Marshall Islands in the last few months re-opened its online booking service on its website, on various domestic routes. Based on the airline’s web booking system, the airline’s planned winter 2018/19 operation (based on December 2018 schedule) as follows.

Note last-minute changes remain possible.

Majuro – Kaben – Maloelap – Aur – Majuro
Majuro – Mejit – Ailuk vv

Majuro – Jaluit vv
Majuro – Jeh – Majkin – Kwajalein vv
Majuro – Kili – Namdrik – Majuro

Majuro – Ebon vv
Majuro – Enejet – Mili – Majuro
Majuro – Wotje vv

Majuro – Airok – Kwajalein vv
Majuro – Kwajalein – Wotho – Ujae – Lae – Kwajalein – Majuro (Bi-weekly)
Majuro – Utirik (Bi-weekly)

Majuro – Kwajalein – Likiep – Majuro
Majuro – Woja – Kwajalein – Majuro

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