EVA Air July - October 2019 aircraft changes

EVA Air in the last few weeks filed aircraft changes on regional routes, between July and October 2019. Planned aircraft changes as follows.

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok 01JUL19 – 31AUG19 BR205/206 A330-300 replaces 777-300ER
Taipei Taoyuan – Chengdu 19JUL19 – 09AUG19 A330-200 replaces A321
Taipei Taoyuan – Chiang Mai 20JUL19 – 14OCT19 A330-300 replaces A321 (Except 21SEP19 – 04OCT19 by A330-200)
Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City 02JUL19 – 28AUG19 BR381/382 Day 37 777-300ER replaces A321
Taipei Taoyuan – Komatsu 01JUL19 – 26OCT19 A330-300 replaces A321 (Except 02SEP19 – 05OCT19)
Taipei Taoyuan – Kuala Lumpur 20JUL19 – 14OCT19 777-300ER replaces A330-200/-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Nanjing 16OCT19 – 23OCT19 A330-300 replaces A330-200 (UNI Air operating service)
Taipei Taoyuan – Phnom Penh eff 12AUG19 A330-200 replaces A321 (Except 21SEP19 – 04OCT19)
Taipei Taoyuan – Seoul Incheon
01JUL19 – 31AUG19 BR150/149 A321 replaces A330-300
01JUL19 – 26OCT19 BR170/169 Day x247 operated by A330-300, replaces A321

Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita
19JUL19 – 09AUG19 BR196/195 Day 15 A321 replaces A330-200
20JUL19 – 14OCT19 Planned 3rd daily service (BR184/183) scheduled with A321 during this period, replacing planned 787-9