Ukraine International Airlines 1Q20 Delhi service changes

Ukraine International Airlines starting this week is adjusting operations to Delhi, as the airline adjusts operational aircraft. From 11JAN20, 3 of 5 weekly Kyiv Borispil – Delhi service will be operated by Boeing 737-900ER, instead of 767. On 737-900ER operating flight, inbound service from Delhi will operate via Tbilisi as technical stop.

PS391 KBP2125 – 0750+1DEL 73J 146
PS391 KBP2125 – 0750+1DEL 767 25

PS392 DEL2330 – 0410+1KBP 767 36
PS392 DEL2330 – 0335+1TBS0435+1 – 0540+1KBP 73J 257