HiSky further delays service launch to June 2020

Moldavian carrier HiSky in recent days further revised planned service launch. Based on the airline’s web booking system, the airline’s launch date has been further delayed by 2 weeks, scheduled from mid-June 2020, initially to Dublin, London, and Paris. The rest of planned service now scheduled to commence in July 2020, 5 weeks later than planned.

Chisinau – Bologna eff 02JUL20 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 28MAY20)
Chisinau – Dublin eff 10JUN20 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 30MAY20)
Chisinau – Dusseldorf eff 03JUL20 2 weekly (Previous plan: eff 29MAY20)
Chisinau – Lisbon eff 02JUL20 1 weekly (Previous plan: eff 28MAY20)
Chisinau – London Stansted eff 14JUN20 2 weekly (3 weekly from 07JUL20; Previous plan: eff 29MAY20)
Chisinau – Paris Beauvais eff 20JUN20 1 weekly (2 weekly from 01JUL20; Previous plan: eff 30MAY20)