Avianca Central America Aug – Oct 2020 operations as of 26JUL20

Avianca recently filed changes to planned Central America, as the Star Alliance carrier schedules gradual service resumption in late-3Q20. Although schedule listing displays service to resume as early as 18AUG20, first date available for reservation is 01SEP20, as of 26JUL20.

Following service is mostly operated by TACA. Various travel restrictions continue to impact planned operation for the period of 18AUG20 – 24OCT20.

Guatemala City – Los Angeles eff 02OCT20 3 weekly A319
San Salvador – Belize City
eff 02OCT20 4 weekly ATR72 (Islena)
San Salvador – Bogota eff 01SEP20 1 daily A319/320 (A320-only from 01OCT20)
San Salvador – Guatemala City eff 19AUG20 4 weekly A319/320 (9 weekly from 03OCT20)
San Salvador – Lima eff 02OCT20 3 weekly A319
San Salvador – Los Angeles eff 18AUG20 2 daily A320
San Salvador – Managua – Miami
eff 20AUG20 2 weekly A320 (Flight number changes at Managua from 03OCT20; operating with TA-coded flight numbers)
San Salvador – Mexico City eff 02OCT20 3 weekly A320
San Salvador – Miami eff 20AUG20 4 weekly A319/320
San Salvador – New York JFK eff 18AUG20 1 daily A319 (A319/320 from 01OCT20)
San Salvador – Roatan eff 01OCT20 3 weekly ATR72 (Aviateca)
San Salvador – San Francisco eff 18AUG20 4 weekly A319 (A319/320 from 04OCT20)
San Salvador – San Jose (Costa Rica) eff 18AUG20 4 weekly A319 (8 weekly A319/320/E190 from 01OCT20; LACSA)
San Salvador – San Pedro Sula eff 18AUG20 3 weekly A320 (7 weekly A319/320 from 01OCT20)
San Salvador – Tegucigalpa eff 22AUG20 4 weekly A319 (7 weekly Aviateca ATR72 from 02OCT20)
San Salvador – Toronto eff 04OCT20 2 weekly A319 (LACSA)
San Salvador – Washington Dulles eff 18AUG20 1 daily A319/320