UNITED/Jet Airways to launch codeshare service

UNITED and Jet Airways starting 30JUN10 will begin codeshare operation, covering UNITED’s Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific, and Domestic US service, as well as Jet Airways selected Domestic India, as well as selected routes between London, Hong Kong and India.

Jet Airways is UNITED’s 30th worldwide codeshare partner with this new service. Jet Airways will gain 17 new US Destinations at the meantime.

Codeshare routes and flight numbers as follows (Domestic operating flight numbers are subject to change):

Route UA Codeshare 9W Operating
Hong Kong – Delhi UA5633 9W077
Delhi – Hong Kong UA5632 9W078
Hong Kong – Mumbai UA5631 9W075
Mumbai – Hong Kong UA5630 9W076
London Heathrow – Mumbai UA5635
Mumbai – London Heathrow UA5634
Mumbai – Ahmedabad UA5639 9W2049
Ahmedabad – Mumbai UA5638 9W2012
Mumbai – Bangalore UA5641 9W417
Bangalore – Mumbai UA5640 9W412
Mumbai – Goa UA5647 9W473
Goa – Mumbai UA5646 9W480
Mumbai – Hyderabad UA5645 9W459
Hyderabad – Mumbai UA5644 9W454
Mumbai – Kolkata UA5643 9W2151
Kolkata – Mumbai UA5642 9W2152
9W Codeshare UA Operating
Hong Kong – Chicago 9W5302 UA896
Chicago – Hong Kong 9W5303 UA895
Hong Kong – San Francisco 9W5300 UA862
San Francisco – Hong Kong 9W5301 UA869
London Heathrow – Chicago 9W5309 UA949
Chicago – London Heathrow 9W5308 UA958
London Heathrow – Denver 9W5311 UA939
Denver – London Heathrow 9W5310 UA948
London Heathrow – Los Angeles 9W5315 UA935
Los Angeles – London Heathrow 9W5314 UA934
London Heathrow – San Francisco 9W5313 UA955
San Francisco – London Heathrow 9W5312 UA954
London Heathrow – Washington 9W5307 UA919
Washington – London Heathrow 9W5306 UA918
Denver – Austin 9W5601 UA7632
Austin – Denver 9W5600 UA6155
Denver – Boise 9W5603 UA6727
Boise – Denver 9W5602 UA6137
Denver – Las Vegas 9W5605 UA717
Las Vegas – Denver 9W5604 UA644
Denver – Minneapolis 9W5607 UA726
Minneapolis – Denver 9W5606 UA7717
Denver – Oklahoma City 9W5609 UA6054
Oklahoma City – Denver 9W5608 UA8041
Denver – Portland OR 9W5611 UA745
Portland OR – Denver 9W5610 UA572
Denver – San Diego 9W5613 UA939
San Diego – Denver 9W5612 UA354
Denver – San Jose CA 9W5615 UA723
San Jose CA – Denver 9W5614 UA168
San Francisco – Austin 9W5651 UA6508
Austin – San Francisco 9W5650 UA6241
San Francisco – Boise 9W5653 UA6380
Boise – San Francisco 9W5652 UA6108
San Francisco – Honolulu 9W5655 UA297
Honolulu – San Francisco 9W5654 UA662
San Francisco – Houston 9W5657 UA772
Houston – San Francisco 9W5656 UA771
San Francisco – Las Vegas 9W5659 UA469
Las Vegas – San Francisco 9W5658 UA135
San Francisco – Kansas City 9W5661 UA6667
Kansas City – San Francisco 9W5660 UA6766
San Francisco – Portland OR 9W5663 UA6491
Portland OR – San Francisco 9W5662 UA6109
San Francisco – Phoenix 9W5665 UA883
Phoenix – San Francisco 9W5664 UA546
San Francisco – San Antonio 9W5669 UA6252
San Antonio – San Francisco 9W5668 UA6253
San Francisco – San Diego 9W5667 UA550
San Diego – San Francisco 9W5666 UA133
San Francisco – Seattle 9W5671 UA322
Seattle – San Francisco 9W5670 UA827

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