CSA Czech Airlines W10 Service Reductions – Update 2

CSA Czech Airlines over the weekend further modifies its planned Winter 2010 operation.

Per 30AUG10 GDS inventory display, latest modification as follows:

Following routes, to be canceled or reduced until 31DEC10, is now being Zero’d out/removed from system beyond 01JAN11.

Prague – Bratislava Reduce from 25 to 13 weekly, OK960/961 & OK966/967 Canceled
Prague – Brno CANCELLED beyond 01JAN11
Prague – Munich CANCELLED beyond 01JAN11
Prague – Ostrava Reduce from 26 to 20 weekly, OK016/017 Canceled

Following routes sees new changes

Prague – Brussels 01NOV11 – 21JAN11 Reduce from 23 to 18 weekly, OK636/637 Canceled (Routine cancellation already planned from 22JAN11)