Global airline strategist Nawal Taneja on the future of the industry

Author and aviation expert Nawal Taneja, who has worked for and advised major airlines and related businesses worldwide, discusses the future of the industry.

With a career that spans 50 years in global aviation, Nawal Taneja has worked for and advised major airlines and related businesses worldwide.

Speaking at Routes Americas 2019 in Quebec, he told delegates that four main forces would drive change in the industry. They are consumer preferences, technological advances, the complexities of the industry, and new disruptive competitors.

“All the forecasts I see are that all the major airports around the world will continue to remain congested but I beg to differ,” said Taneja.

“Driverless cars will replace some of the short-haul air travel, while the hybrid electric aircraft will also have the same impact.

“Even if that takes the pressure off an airport by 5 percent then you’re no longer congested.”

Taneja added that the development of long-rang narrow-body jets, like the Airbus A321neo, is already having an impact, meaning that the traditional hub and spoke model is less relevant.