Vuyani Jarana, South African Airways’ former CEO

South African Airways’ former CEO Vuyani Jarana discusses the financial challenges facing airlines operating in Africa.

When Vuyani Jarana joined South African Airways in 2017, he outlined a strategy that would see the largest loss-making airline in Africa achieve a break-even year in 2021 and subsequently return to profitability.

However, Jarana resigned in June 2019 citing a lack of long-term sustainability and the inability of the company to pay wages.

In this interview, which was recorded live at Routes Africa 2019 in Mombasa, Kenya, Jarana discusses the financial challenges faced by airlines in Africa, in particular the struggles of startups to raise investment. 

He also gives his thoughts on the Single African Air Transport Market and the action needed to make the project a reality.

The Routes Africa 2019 Conference Programme was sponsored by Embraer.