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CAPA Live June: Viva, CEO Felix Antelo "faithful to the A320neo"

Talking at the CAPA Live, Viva CEO Felix Antelo spoke with CAPA's Senior Analyst (the Americas), Lori Ranson.

Viva Air is rebranding, to Viva.

- "to change the livery for a plane you need to give it to either Airbus or Boeing more than one year in advance, believe it or not"

- "The brand Viva Air wasn’t easy to pronounce for Spanish speaking people necessarily"

- "One thing the pandemic taught us was how fast demand can recover or can stall"

- "we have vaccinated so far 11 million people here in Colombia"

- "We have an obsession here in Viva regarding cost"

- "We have analysed the A321, but for now we will keep faithful to the A320neo"

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