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  • Telephone: +45 27150590
  • Type: Commercial Suppliers

About Us

Epinion is a Danish market research company serving a number of the leading airports and airport management companies in Europe with ongoing market research programs on long-term contracts.

We currently count among our clients such airport management companies as: Swedavia, Avinor, Finavia, Isavia, Manchester Airport Group, and Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg. In addition to this we serve a number of independent airports such as London Heathrow, Hamburg, Brussels, Munich and Vienna – as well as the very prominent non-European airport, Singapore Changi.

The market research we conduct at these airports is typically done airside by our own interviewers via personal computer assisted interviews (CAPI), and we generally operate in three verticals:

  • Passenger tracking- and profiling
  • Passenger experience 
  • Commercial optimization

The results of our survey activities enable our airport partners to:

  • Target their B2C marketing
  • Support- and optimize their route development activities
  • Monitor service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Increase SPH
  • Test new concepts and products
  • Follow-up on KPI`s in general
  • And much more…