Skyways Opens Bookings for New Stockholm Flights

Swedish regional carrier SKYWAYS has opened reservations on three of the six new routes it plans to fly from Stockholm during the Northern Summer schedules.  The airline is offering a three-times daily Stockholm – Bergen link, a twice daily Stockholm – Stavanger service and a daily Stockholm – Trondheim flight.


Stockholm – Bergen
JZ1593 ARN0900 – 1025BGO ER4 x67
JZ1595 ARN1610 – 1730BGO ER4 23
JZ1595 ARN1615 – 1735BGO ER4 145
JZ1597 ARN2030 – 2155BGO ER4 x67
JZ1592 BGO0610 – 0735ARN ER4 45
JZ1592 BGO0625 – 0745ARN ER4 1
JZ1592 BGO0630 – 0755ARN ER4 23
JZ1594 BGO1055 – 1220ARN ER4 x67
JZ1596 BGO1755 – 1920ARN ER4 45
JZ1596 BGO1810 – 1935ARN ER4 1
JZ1596 BGO1830 – 1950ARN ER4 23

Stockholm – Stavanger
JZ1962 ARN0850 – 1015SVG ER4 x67
JZ1964 ARN1340 – 1505SVG ER4 x67
JZ1963 SVG1045 – 1210ARN ER4 x67
JZ1965 SVG1535 – 1700ARN ER4 x67

Stockholm – Trondheim
JZ1582 ARN1250 – 1405TRD ER4 x67
JZ1583 TRD1435 – 1545ARN ER4 x67

Source: Airline Route