Make the Most of your Airline Meetings with ‘The Perfect Presentation’

Want to know what the most effective airline meetings at Routes events have in common? It all starts with ‘The Perfect Presentation’

With over 20 years experience in the route development industry, ASM can help you develop ‘The Perfect Presentation’ ahead of Routes Asia, allowing your business to deliver the most effective airline meetings and secure new air services to your airport or region.

Working closely together, ASM’s team of consultants have been researching exactly what airlines want to see in ‘The Perfect Presentation’. With many of the consultants having worked previously as airline executives, and having experienced sitting across the other side of the table, they have used this industry knowledge and insight to develop the perfect template for your airline presentations.

Providing you with a better understanding of your target airlines’ business, ASM can give you a thorough briefing on your audience and provide you with an in depth understanding of your market. Learn how to attract new airlines to your airport or destination by distilling the right core messages and developing strategic arguments. ASM’s team of consultant’s can show you how to overcome objections and identify the right questions to ask.

The right critical data is crucial to developing ‘The Perfect Presentation’ and ASM can offer calibrated and functional MIDT traffic data through their My Airport Passenger Statistics (MAPS) tool to develop an in-depth business case. They can also provide you with a toolkit of graphic designs formats to help you deliver impact through the design of your presentation. Their design toolkit of interactive presentations includes:

  • Simple, static PowerPoint presentation;
  • Simple static tablet presentation;
  • Forecast summary graphics snapshot’;
  • Poster-sized printed graphic data presentation sheet;
  • Detailed tablet presentation;
  • Mobile smart phone optimised presentation;
  • Live data desktop tablet and Smartphone Application.

No one presentation is the same and whatever the requirements ASM can support you to develop “The Perfect Presentation”.

As the leading route development consultants, ASM passionately believe in the importance of air services to airport businesses and economies and exist purely to help airports and tourism authorities attract new routes, and in doing so strengthen their business and create real economic benefits.

In providing advice to airports and tourism authorities, ASM will support you through meetings with the Asian airlines including market understanding, meeting translation support, meeting coaching, sales skills, airline briefings, meeting management and most importantly preparing ‘The Perfect Presentation’ ahead of the event.

For further information please contact Nigel Mayes or call +44 161 234 2700 to speak to a member of the team.