Insider's guide to Route Exchange

We sat down with Kirsty Studholme, Digital Sales Manager, to find out how delegates can use Route Exchange to maximise their presence at World Routes.

How can using Route Exchange help organisations to prepare for meetings at World Routes?
Time is precious at World Routes! Companies should make sure they are researching and connecting with existing and potential business partners, ahead of the event. Route Exchange members have access to essential information such as airline network development plans, airline meeting requirements and airport demographics, which can help them to prepare for their face-to-face meetings.

Did you know? In 2015, the majority of the forty most successful airports for pre-scheduled meetings at World Routes were Route Exchange members.

How often should companies be updating their Route Exchange profile?
Companies should be updating their profiles at least once a month. Profiles should provide the wider aviation community with the information that they need to establish new routes with that company. Airlines should ensure their opportunity and requirement sections are up to date, whilst airports should be uploading their monthly PAX figures, sharing press releases, photographs and videos.

Did you know?
All Route Exchange members are entitled to full account management and upload assistance, please feel free to contact Olivia Lofts, Client Relations Manager for Routesonline, if you require further support.

Which organisation received the highest number of profile visits last month?
Last month, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) received the highest number of profile visits.  Malaysia Airport Holdings have been working very hard to ensure that all their profiles are fully populated ahead of this year’s World Routes in Chengdu.

How can marketing via Route Exchange to help to increase their brand awareness prior to World Routes?
As the online home of the route development community, Routesonline offers organisations the opportunity to promote their brand to senior route development professionals. Route Exchange members can distribute up to 5 bespoke HTML email alerts, allowing them to communicate their marketing messages to a highly engaged and influential audience. Companies should consider using one of these to target a particular region or type of organisation prior to World Routes.

Did you know?
Over 300 of the world’s leading airlines are Route Exchange members. 

What is Route Exchange’s Request for Proposals feature?
Route Exchange offers an open and transparent bidding process, open to all airports in the region/s that the airline requesting proposals is targeting. Airlines are able to inform airports of the key details they must provide in any route proposal and uncover opportunities that they might have otherwise not considered.  

Excitingly, Route Exchange airport members will receive an advanced time period to prepare the proposal ahead of non-Route Exchange members.  Scoot and LOT polish Airlines have completed two very successful RFP’s earlier this year, routes to be announced soon and we will launch the third RFP of the year in mid-late August.  Watch this space…

Do you have any final advice for new organisations attending World Routes who want to start increasing their visibility to maximise their attendance further?
Raise your profile in the route development community by sharing information, writing blog posts and connecting with your key targets. Organisations with basic profiles still have time to upgrade to an enhanced membership ahead of World Routes, which will help them to showcase their credentials to route development community.

For more information about how Route Exchange can help to maximise your presence at World Routes please contact our team.