Route rundown: ISB - CAN, CIA - EWR, DME - BOD

Airport Strategy & Marketing provides expert insight into three of this week's stand-out new routes

Nigel MayesNigel Mayes is the senior vice president, consulting & product development at ASM. Nigel has over 15 years’ experience in route development and is responsible for product development at ASM.

The sister company to Routes, ASM is the world‘s leading route development consultancy and has supported the creation of new air services since 1993.

Route 1: Islamabad - Guangzhou

China Southern A330



China Southern


A330s, A321s and B737s



Start Date

September 2017


4072 km

O&D Traffic Demand (2016)


Growth % YOY

-9.4 percent

Average Fare $ (one way)



The service will facilitate the trade of goods between Pakistan and the Pearl River Delta. Also, China Southern will be able to target connecting flows onward to the rest of China, Southeast Asia and Australia (traffic that historically has travelled through the Middle East).

Route 2: Rome - New Jersey

Norwegian 787


Carrier  Norwegian
Aircraft  B787
Frequency  4
Start Date November 2017
Distance 6,913
O&D Traffic Demand (2016) 371,994
Growth % YOY -2.9 percent
Average Fare $ (one way) $438


While Rome is not Norwegian's largest base, the reaction from Alitalia is likely to be slow. Norwegian will access a large VFR market that will increase awareness of the carrier and allow it to strengthen its position amongst LCCs.

Route 3: Moscow - Bordeaux

Podeba 737


Carrier  Pobeda
Aircraft  B737
Frequency  TBC
Start Date TBC
Distance 2,939 km
O&D Traffic Demand (2016)


Growth % YOY 30 percent
Average Fare $ (one way)  $252


A direct service would provide Pobeda with the opportunity to capture a sizeable indirect market (7,911 passengers, SVO - BOD) and expand its international network.

Source: Sabre Market Intelligence