Quito makes ‘gradual but steady’ recovery

Operations are normalizing at Ecuador's primary international gateway.

Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) has marked its recovery progress one year after re-opening for commercial flights, including the return of two-thirds of its pre-pandemic airlines.

After a closure between mid-March and June 2020 caused by COVID-19, the airport has experienced a “gradual, but steady” recovery in connectivity and passenger numbers.

In May 2021 163,082 passengers used UIO—up from 19,664 in June 20202 after it re-opened.

Between June 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021, 1,151,826 passengers transited through the airport, 51.4% of which were traveling on international services.

Approximately 80% of the frequencies operated prior to the airport’s closure have been restored, including 11 of the 17 international destinations. Twelve of the 18 carriers which operated pre-pandemic have returned to the airport.

“To return to operating commercial flights in the situation that the country and the world were going through, was undoubtedly a very important challenge, which we assumed aware that our team would work arduously so that the airport operations would be properly managed, adapt to the new reality and above all to gain the trust of our passengers and that they feel safe to travel again," Corporación Quiport CEO Ramón Miró said.

“A year later we see the fruits of this effort. We have more and more airlines, more frequencies and more passengers. We continue to reinvent ourselves, adapt and, above all, fulfil our mission and vision as a company.”

Photo credit: Corporación Quiport