Airline In Focus: Avianca

Avianca has experienced a challenging pandemic, despite Colombia’s geography making air travel an efficient means of transportation.

Credit: Rob Finlayson

Colombian airlines such as Avianca benefit from the country’s domestic market, with the geography making air travel a significantly more efficient option for many passenger journeys.

Despite this, the challenging demand picture meant that last year domestic seats fell to just over 13 million, less than two-thirds of the 12.6 million of 2019, with very limited flight activity between April and August last year.

The international picture is starker, with 4.7 million seats scheduled compared to 15.5 million. While overall the domestic market has almost doubled from 2020 last year, international grew by just 13.3%.

Despite this, in recent months growth has been rapid, with 2.3 million seats scheduled in December 2021.