Press Release: David Appleby To Join ASM

David Appleby will be joining the ASM consulting team in the role of air service development consulting director.

Credit: Ocean Driven Media

Based in Miami, US, David Appleby will build on his 15 years of experience within our group, predominantly supporting the Routes events business, his deep market understanding of the Latin America and Caribbean region’s aviation market, as well as his long-standing industry connections to support ASM growing consulting client base.

In this new consulting role, David will support clients across Latin America and the Caribbean as well as airports and destinations that are seeking air connectivity to and from these regions.

David Stroud, managing director, air transport strategy and consulting, said: “I am delighted that David will be transitioning across to ASM. Having worked with him for many years I know his market knowledge and connections are second to none, he will be a great asset to our clients and will be able to build on the fantastic work he has been doing with the region across the Routes events over the past few years.”

Phil McLoughlin, commercial director at Routes, will lead the process of recruiting to backfill the role left by David and expects an announcement for his successor to be made soon. As part of this process, David will fully support the introduction of the new member and will ensure a seamless transition for all Routes customers across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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ASM, the air service development consulting division, of Aviation Week Network, has supported the growth of airports and destinations globally for nearly 30 years. ASM founded the Routes events business which has developed into the world’s foremost events of their kind. With a growing team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, ASM provides a wide range of air service development consulting services, including:

  • Air Service Development Strategy
  •  Client ASD representation
  • Airport investment transaction advisory services
  • Data and Analytics, including Forecasting and Catchment Analyser
  •  ASD Training

As part of Aviation Week Network, ASM clients can connect to many other leading brands serving the aviation industry including, Routes, CAPA, Air Transport Week, and Aviation Week Intelligence Network.


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