American Airlines to Save Mexicana?

American Airlines has emerged as a possible saviour for Mexicana, according to a local Mexican television station.  The US carrier is allegedly set to join forces with TG Group, which last month had expressed an interest in buying the grounded carrier and returning it to the air.  However, the proposed takeover deal fell apart when the investor missed the deadline to complete the deal.  This would be a logical business move for American into a market where it has already confirmed a desire to further expand its network.

In 2010, American Airlines was the second largest carrier on international flights to and from Mexico, handling an estimated 1.5 million passengers, a 13.4 per cent share of the 11.2 million O&D passengers that travelled between the two countries.  Continental Airlines holds the largest share with 14.9 per cent of the traffic, carrying an estimated 130,000 more travellers than its rival.  Any deal would also provide the carrier with access into the Mexican domestic market, which is now dominated by Aeromexico since Mexicana closed last year.  Around 20.3 million passengers travelled internally in the country in 2010. 


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NOTE: Schedule data extracted from Flightbase for week commencing April 14, 2011; Traffic data extracted from IATA BSP system for the year ending January 2011.