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Georgian Airways "Airzena"

  • Type: Full Service / Network
  • IATA: 4L


The air company ''Airzena'' was established in September 1993. Initially, ''Airzena'' operated charter flights to United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Egypt, India, Syria, as well as the regular flight to Vienna. In that economically and politically complicated period, due to the correctly selected strategy, the company succeeded to achieve recognition and retain its share in the aviation market. In 1999 ''Airzena'' became the flag carrier of Georgia. In August 2004, the company changed its name to ''Georgian Airways''. However, ''Airzena'' has remained as a short brand name and is...

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Georgian Airways W19 service adjustments


Georgian Airways in winter 2019/20 is adjusting operations, as the airline suspends selected routes during winter season. Following routes will be...

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