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BBN Airlines Cargo's first commercial flight

BBN Airlines Cargo's first commercial flight

BBN Airlines' TC-GCA registered Airbus A321P2F type cargo plane is making its first commercial flight. Departing from Istanbul Airport on 26 July 2023, the plane was carrying its first commercial cargo from Malta to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, after traveling to Malta. The loading process has been completed in Malta and the plane is expected to take off around 21:45. The plane  returned to Istanbul Airport and continue on its way to Bishkek, after making a technical inspection for fuel and crew changes.

Making the first commercial cargo flight on this important day, BBN Airlines employees proudly celebrate this success and look forward to the same success and progress in future flights.

The addition of the new Airbus A321P2F cargo aircraft to BBN Airlines' fleet is an important step towards the company's expansion strategy and strengthening its strong position in the cargo transportation field. This new aircraft will increase the carrying capacity of BBN Airlines, enabling it to serve more destinations and providing customers with more efficient and reliable cargo transportation.