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Flint Bishop Airport Announces an 11.6% Increase in Seats in August of 2020 versus July of 2020!

Flint Bishop Airport is delighted to announce that it will see an increase in seat availability of 11.6% in August versus July of 2020.  The increase is attributable as follows:

United Airlines will see the largest increase, adding 100% additional capacity between Flint Bishop and Chicago O’Hare. American Airlines is adding a 14.9% increase between Flint and its newest destination:  Charlotte, and they are also boosting their Chicago O’Hare seats by 11.4%.  Additionally, Allegiant Airlines has returned its seasonal flight to Sarasota to its August roster.  By doing so, Allegiant is adding 100% capacity to Sarasota versus their July of 2020  schedule, as well 100% over their August seating availability for 2019.

“The wonderful partnership that we have with our airlines continues to bolster this airport and our community”, stated Airport Director, Nino Sapone. ”Of course, without the support of our region’s travelers, our airlines would not be able to continue to add seats back into our market.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to them all, as well as to our fantastic team members throughout the entire airport.  Everyone has come together to continue to keep Flint Bishop a great traveling experience.”

Flint Bishop International Airport (FNT) is “Not the only way to fly.  Just a better one”. Flint guarantees you all of the destination options of a larger airport, while flying from the comfort of a relaxing and beautiful facility. Flint features all-jet service, with flights provided by Allegiant, American, United and Delta (service temporarily suspended starting July 8th). Our airlines provide many nonstop flights to popular destinations across the country that will also connect you around the world, usually in one stop or less. For reservations and flight information from Flint, visit our website at bishopairport.org