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About Us

The Brazilian Tourist Board – EMBRATUR – is the official agency in charge of promoting and marketing the Brazilian destinations in the international market.

Visit Brasil is our historic brand that was created via a public contest with market research and strict technical selection criteria.

"The brand is connected with a Brazil that respects and values the diversity of our people and a Brazil that commits to preserving our biodiversity and neutralizing carbon emissions," said Marcelo Freixo, Embratur's president. "We want our respect for fauna, flora, forests, life, and democracy to be admired by the world, and we want the world to visit us."

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil has been on the spotlight all over the world as the host for international sporting events and is recognized for its diverse ecosystems, rich culture and varied possibilities for tourism.

These range from the world’s wonders of nature as the Iguazu Falls and Amazon Rainforest to the celebrated carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife, the unique samba and bossa nova music styles, not to mention its extraordinary gastronomy with singular flavours and spices.