How to attend and benefits

What's in it for Airports?

Routes is a unique event where airlines and airports meet to discuss new air service opportunities. The event revolves around formal, productive pre-arranged one to one meetings with airlines. Meetings are interspersed with a wide range of networking opportunities.

It is not a traditional conference
Routes is the largest gathering of airline decision makers in one place at one time. Whether from the major, regional, low-cost, charter or cargo sectors, they are there specifically to listen to you, the airport. With such a wide range of the world's airlines, Routes offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your market and airport.

Sell your airport to over 350 of the world's airlines
You are a key part of the network planning process and are uniquely placed to provide quality research data which airlines find valuable in their decision making process. This is now starting to be seen as almost the key function of an airport marketing department. After all, airports are best placed to understand and communicate the characteristics of their own catchment areas.

Routes represents ‘value for money'
Securing a new route will always, at some point, require face-to-face interaction between airport and airline. This can be very expensive and time consuming. Routes can help to reduce both of these elements dramatically.
For an airport, Routes represents unbelievable value in terms of time and money.

How does Routes work for an airport?
A range of meeting packages are available, within which Routes will create a diary of 20 minute pre-arranged meetings with airlines of your choice.

Airlines want to meet you!
A notable feature at Routes are the number of airline requests to meet with specific airports. Any airline requesting meetings with an airport will be additional to the airport's pre-requested meeting programme.

One to One Meetings
Subject to airline availability there is no limit to the number of additional one-to-one meetings airport delegates can arrange on site at the event itself. The Routes Scheduling Team are there to secure your pre-arranged airline meeting requests, and you will receive notification of these prior to the event. The Scheduling Team will also assist you in getting extra meetings during Routes itself.

Attendance Options for Airports

Standard option
As a delegate with an ability to pre-arrange your chosen airline meetings. Delegates can also arrange an unlimited number of meetings with available airlines at Routes itself, and have full access to the extensive social events that surround Routes. Pricing packages are designed to reflect the various sizes and marketing requirements of different airports. The sheer number of networking opportunities at Routes means that many airports send a number of delegates to enable them to address every potential airline target.

"Team" option
A number of airports have successfully adopted a "team" concept at Routes by joining up with local tourism and economic development agencies to jointly market to airlines. Research has shown that the airlines themselves are very receptive to this approach.

How can I enhance my airport's profile?
A number of commercial sponsorship, hospitality and branding opportunities are also available to enhance airport image and profile at Routes. It is of course possible to combine all, or some, of the above elements to create a Enhanced Profile Option (EPO).