What to present

Preparing for Routes  - Making the most of your meetings

The following 10 tips will help you make the most of your time at Routes.

1) Ensure that you have undertaken detailed research into the carriers you
intend to meet. E.g. you should know about their type of operation (noting the
differences between sister companies), their fleet, their existing network and
passenger statistics.

2) Keep it simple and keep it relevant - just stick to the main reasons why an
airline should start a new route or increase its frequency.

3) Tailor your presentation to the particular carrier you are meeting, rather
than simply preparing generic material.

4) Airlines are more interested in commercially oriented presentations than
those focussing on the technical side of the airports.

5) Back up your argument as far as possible with numbers, particularly those
relating to the route you are proposing, but try not to overwhelm your subject
with too many statistics!

6) Minimise paper - just the key facts please. If necessary, offer to send or
email a more detailed business case later.

7) Laptops should be used in support of you arguments, if required, but resist
trying to use them to make a full presentation.

8) For an airport, Routes is as much about research as selling - encourage the
airline to update you and be prepared to adjust your arguments accordingly.

9) Ensure continuity from last year's meetings especially if there are different
people involved.

10) If the meeting has run its course don't be afraid to end the meeting early -
the airline will be grateful for the extra coffee time!

There are 10 minute breaks between the meetings, giving you time to make
notes from your meeting, prepare for the next one, get a coffee etc. It also
allows the airlines to have a break.

We wish you every success in your meetings.