Digital innovation supports Swoop’s recovery

Launched in June 2018 as an independently operated subsidiary of The WestJet Group, Swoop was created in response to growing competition in the price-sensitive market following the introduction of several other low-cost carriers including FlyToo, NewLeaf, and Canda Jetlines.

When it became clear the COVID-19 pandemic would have unprecedented repercussions on air connectivity across the world, Swoop shifted into crisis management mode. The LCC decided to take an innovative, digital-first approach and leveraged Routes 360's ‘Request for Proposals’ feature to identify new airport partners and rebuild their network.

Since the RFP, the airline has had successful conversations with over 50 potential airport partners and has launched more than 10 new routes.



Swoop is Canada’s ultra-low fare airline of choice, on a mission to make air travel more affordable, giving more Canadians the freedom to travel where life takes them. Swoop does this by keeping...

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