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EMEA travellers looking East for summer

Skyscanner has released its latest Horizons report exploring the latest trends in global travel. Titled Skyscanner Horizons: Destination & Booking Insights Q1 2023, the report unpacks and explores extensive flight search and booking data EMEA, APAC and the Americas – to provide a unique view of how travellers are thinking about travel over the next six months.Analysis of key indicators including booking windows segmented by haul type and trending destinations provides unrivalled insights for any business within the travel ecosystem.

The report also features exclusive expert commentary on these trends from industry thought leaders such as Mike Ferguson from Skyscanner, Centre for Aviation’s Marco Navarria, and Nick Hall of Digital Tourism Think Tank. Key global findings include:

  • The majority of trending destinations for Q2 and Q3 travel are in APAC, with Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan benefitting
  • +90 day booking windows for long haul travel are up across all regions signalling both traveller confidence and demand, with search share moving in line with pre-pandemic seasonal norms

Key EMEA findings include:

  • EMEA travellers looking ahead to summer as longer booking windows increase for both short and long haul travel
  • All booking windows are tracking close to 2019 search behaviour as trip planning normalises
  • EMEA travellers are eager to return to destinations in Asia with Taiwan, Japan and Laos seeing surging search demand compared to 2022. Destinations such as Saudi Arabia and China see high demand in the short term, with Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam also trending throughout Q2 and Q3
  • Albania, the only trending European destination in the top 10, sees increased search demand year-on-year

To view the report online or download a PDF copy, visit