Analytical reports

Measure performance and benchmark engagement to tailor your approach

Receive detailed, customised reports that highlight the progress of your Routes 360 profile.

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Profile Analytics

Analytics, anytime, anywhere

  • Gain insight into the performance of your Routes 360 with analytics that measure trends across metrics and time periods.
  • Logi n anytime to access real time and historic data that can be used to inform your future marketing and content strategies. 
  • Understand which of your target organisations and geographies are interacting with your content, news, and brand.

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Automated monthly report

Reports delivered directly to your inbox

  • Monthly reports, delivered straight to your inbox let you know how many views your profile has received and where you rank out of all members in your category.
  • Understand which of your recent content is the most popular amongst your target audience.
  • See which of your key targets have recently joined Routes 360 community, all in one report.

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Tailored Reports

Tailored recommendations from our expert team

  • We’ll show you which of your email campaigns, news articles, and page content have resonated most with your key targets in an in-depth annual report.
  • Every report includes a full data analysis with recommendations to tailor your approach and maximise your event attendance.
  • Dedicated digital support from our expert team, who will help you enhance your membership.

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