Requests For Proposals (RFP’s)

Route Exchange - the only online platform facilitating air service development.

Route Exchange allows airlines to issue Request For Proposals (RFP) directly to a target airport market, who are then able to respond to this request for new air service.

Route Exchange Airport members are able to have exclusive access to airline opportunities that they may not have been aware of, whilst being able to respond understanding the data requirements of the specific airline issuing the RFP. These comprehensive documents are available to the airports as part of their Route Exchange membership

For airlines, the RFP process is a cost and time efficient way of requesting comparable data from key airports in your target region, helping the analysis already in place.

Reasons to use Route Exchange

Transparent & open: Route Exchange offers an open and transparent bid process, open to all airports in the region/s that the airline is targeting and ensures a more transparent and fair process.

Formal process: Using Route Exchange formalises the network development process. Via the RFP platform airlines inform airports of the key detail they must provide in any route proposal.

Efficient process: It makes the network development process efficient by saving time and other resources. AirAsia X estimated that they saved 6 months worth of research time by using the Route Exchange.

Routes reach: Routesonline has a global reach with over 1000 registered airports ensuring we can help airlines to uncover opportunities that may have otherwise not presented themselves.

Secure: Route Exchange is a secure and dependable online platform. No submissions can be viewed by other bidders and all commercial offers will only be viewed by the airline requesting the proposal.

Coordination: Routes will coordinate the structured process; freeing up time for airline planning managers to focus on the content of proposals and comparison on the opportunities present.

600+ the number of submissions we received in 2013.

1080+ the number of airports an RFP campaign will reach

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What the airlines say

"Very efficient process, we have been overwhelmed by the response. We have managed to collate twelve months of data and insight in just four."

Senthil Balan
Head, Network Planning & Regulatory Affairs,
AirAsia X)

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