• Type: Start Up

About The Airline

Born with luxury. Shining like stars.

In May 2018, STARLUX Airlines was founded. Founder K.W. Chang believes luxury should not be the exclusive experience of the elite but readily available to everyone. Having demonstrated a strong passion for aviation, he is poised to build a boutique airline, putting safety first while providing the highest quality service.

At STARLUX, we believe luxury is not just about the price tag. It is an attitude, a standard embedded in our brand. We regard flying as an exciting part of the journey, not just a routine getting from point A to point B. The traveler should be in awe from the moment he or she steps into the cabin, encountering one delightful surprise after the other.

Our mission is to always be at the forefront of safety and service, operating every flight to the highest technical standard and achieving operational excellence. Meanwhile, we strive to provide in-cabin service that is beyond every passenger’s expectation, making each journey a once in a lifetime experience.

To care for the environment while providing the utmost comfort onboard, STARLUX will initially operate 10 advanced, fuel-efficient Airbus A321neos. The airline will begin accepting delivery of its first planes in October 2019. According to the current plan, the delivery of five A350-900 and 12 A350-1000 is planned to begin in late 2021. By the end of 2024 our fleet will boast 27 planes and steadily expand to 50 aircraft by the end of 2030.

STARLUX is set to launch its first flights in 2020. Beginning with routes between Taipei and southeast and northeast Asian destinations, we expect to eventually add routes to North America. STARLUX is dedicated to becoming an airline famous for providing top-notch service and to making every flight a journey to remember for every passenger.