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  • Country/Region: Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Type: Start Up

About The Airline

Fly Macaw is a new mid/long haul British carrier working towards launching operations from London Stansted & Manchester later 2019. Our business model and service preposition is on a similar scope as of a Hybrid carrier. The model combines the cost-saving methodologies of a low cost airline; with the service, flexibility and route structure of full-service carrier. This has been developed after extensive consultation with industry best legal and regulatory advisors.
There is a great potential in our target market segment, which is represented by the large expatriate community living and working in the UK. These routes either offer no or limited direct air service hence passengers are compelled to travel indirectly, costing them high fares as well as longer travel time.

We envision staying ahead of the curve with the mission to create and implement innovative changes in the industry and taking responsibility for development and sustenance of under-served but high growth markets. Our business model entails dynamic, agile, and profitable solutions to gear these routes whilst delivering investor return and economic longevity.

With a team of accomplished industry...