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Binter Canarias

  • Type: Regional
  • IATA: NT

About The Airline

Binter has one of the most important and youngest fleets of ATR 72 aircraft in Europe, notable for their ecology, with a lesser impact on the air and greater respect for the environment.

Since 2002, when the airline was acquired by Canary Island businessmen, the fleet has gown continuously to offer customers the best service in the 140 flights it operates every day to connect the islands in the Canaries Archipelago and to connect these with airports in Africa and Portugal. For international routes, the airline also has two Bombardier CRJ 900 aircraft.

The first of the 12 new ATR 72 600s that Binter has purchased in its continued quest to renew its fleet arrived in September 2015. Two of the new aircraft are already flying in the Canary Islands and the rest will arrive gradually up to 2018.

Features of the new ATR 72 600s

The new ATR 72-600 model has the latest technologies in the area of assisted navigation tools and the highest standards of comfort for passengers. Since these are turboprop aircraft they have the energy advantage of using less fuel than jet aircraft, reaching savings of up to 50% on short-haul flights. Turboprop aircraft can also take off and land on shorter runways, allowing them to operate in airports that other aircraft cannot use.

The ATR 600s have a completely new cabin with thinner seats for more space with the same distance between rows. Another innovation is that the baggage holds are 10% larger. This new model also provides piloting improvements since the flight deck has five LCD digital screens to provide information to the pilots for a reduced workload, positively affecting flight safety.