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  • Country/Region: Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Type: Slot Coordinator

About The Airline

HungaroControl, the Hungarian air navigation service provider (ANSP), provides air navigation services in Hungarian airspace and - on a NATO assignment – in the upper airspace over Kosovo, trains air traffic control personnel and conducts air navigation research and development.

In recent years, we have been making ground-breaking efforts in leading and supporting innovation to improve flight safety, increase capacity, reduce airline costs, and enhance environmental protection. Introducing Hungarian Free-Route Airspace, implementing Controller Pilot Data-Link Communication, demonstrating a unique Remote Tower solution and providing ATC services in the upper airspace over Kosovo, are just some of our key achievements.

Besides forming partnership with ANSPs, universities and technology providers, as a member of the Frequentis SESAR Partners consortium, we participate in the industrial research, validation and demonstration activities of SESAR 2020 as well. The consortium of Atos, HungaroControl and Frequentis aims to enhance cross-industry innovation by integrating different stakeholders in the ATM value chain.