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Haikou Meilan International Airport

  • Country/Region: Flag of China China
  • Type: 30 Million +

About The Airport

Haikou Meilan International Airport (HMIA) is located in Haikou, the provincial capital city of Hainan Province, which is the Southernmost province of China. HMIA is one of the major domestic trunk airports in China, was officially put into service on May 25, 1999 and listed in Hong Kong in November 2002 (HK. 00357). Meilan Airport Phase II, the construction of which commenced on September 6, 2016, was put into operation on December 2, 2021. In terms of design capacity, the Airport will realize the throughput of 35,000,000 passengers and 400,000 tons of cargoes and mails annually by 2025, and the international area design capacity of T2 can meet the operation demand of 4.2 million international and regional passengers in 2025, and the northeast corridor is reserved as the long-term expansion area, which can meet the goal of 8 to 10 million international and regional passenger throughput. Since then, the Airport has entered a new stage of "double terminals and double runways", and it will be committed to building a regional aviation hub facing the Pacific and Indian Oceans.