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Airports of Mauritius appoint new CEO

Romesh Bhoyroo, COO and senior executive of ATOL, is the become the new CEO of Airports of Mauritius Ltd (AML). Mr Bhoyroo was selected from more than 70 applicants for the position after the selection exercise that began last March. The decision was endorsed by the Board. Mr. Bhoyroo replaces currently the CEO of ATOL and will take the reins of AML at the end of August.

Romesh Bhoyroo, a trained engineer, has fifteen years of experience as a professional in the airport sector. He joined AML in 2000, shortly after the creation of the company and over the years, climbed the ranks to occupy the post of director of operations until 2013, to be delegated by the result in ATOL. He played a decisive role in the commissioning of the new passenger terminal in September 2013 and currently manages the operation of the terminal and passenger service. Mr. Bhoyroo also piloted the program of excellence in services which allowed the SSR International Airport be the first in Africa and second in the world in the category of airports 2-5 million passengers. He also assured the interim the functions of CEO of Atol repeatedly.

In addition to being a certified engineer in civil engineering, Mr Bhoyroo holds a Masters Degree  in Business Administration and is a certified trainer in the field of airport airside operations, management of terminals and services for passengers.

The new CEO, who already has a great knowledge of the workings of the SSR International Airport, will aim to ensure sound business management and finance of the company. It will also create the best conditions for the continuous development of the airport while promoting the development and exploitation of new business opportunities. All this so that the SSR International Airport can fully play a key role in the growth of the national economy.