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Introduction to Magdeburg Cochstedt Airport

  • Privately owned and operated – offering commercial contract flexibility
  • Some of the lowest car parking fees in Germany. Average per passenger all-in fees amongst the lowest in Germany
  • 24-hour operating license – customs on site
  • No slots constraints
  • Environmentally ideal – there are no noise restrictions and noise does not pose a health issue for the people that live close to the airport
  • New terminal with 500,000 passengers per year capacity1.5 hours to Berlin by car
  • Surrounded by superhighways and high-speed autobahns
  • The InterCityExpress high-speed train connects all of...

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Latest Magdeburg Cochstedt Airport News

Opening of the First Logistics Centre at the Airport Magdeburg/Cochstedt international


50 invited guests from the corporate, politics and media sectors attended the opening of Airport Magdeburg/Cochstedt international’s first Cargo...

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