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Krasnodar Airport served more than 1.5 mln people for 5 months of 2021

From January to May 2021, Krasnodar International Airport served 1 546 312 people. Last year for the same months the passenger traffic was 1 071 723 people. The growth in indicators was 44% compared to January-May 2020.

The number of flights at Krasnodar airport for five months of 2021 amounted to 6 751 operations. The volume of processed cargo and mail – 2 992 tons.

The passenger traffic of Krasnodar International Airport in May 2021 amounted to 422 631 people. In May last year, the air harbor received only 40 605 passengers. The growth of passenger traffic at Krasnodar airport over the past month, compared to the last quarantine in May, has grown by almost in 10 times.

In May 2021, 403 258 people used the services of airlines on domestic routes, and 19 373 on international routes. In terms of international traffic, the past month became a record for the Krasnodar airport since the start of the pandemic.

The most popular domestic destinations from the Kuban capital in May 2021, in addition to traditional Moscow and St. Petersburg, were: Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Sochi, Kazan and Mineralnye Vody. On international routes, the largest number of passengers was served on flights to Bishkek (Kirgizstan, Yerevan (Armenia), Cairo (Egypt) and Kulyab (Tajikistan).

As previously reported, international trafic from Krasnodar airport are still operated by charter and cargo-passenger flights.