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Lakeland Linder International Airport

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About The Airport

Located in the heart of Central Florida, Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) has positioned itself as Central Florida’s Newest Gateway. Located approximately 45 minutes from the main entrance of Walt Disney World Resort and 40 min from downtown Tampa, LAL is ideally located to serve those traveling to and from the region.

Directly benefiting airlines, LAL provides lower operating costs than our neighboring airports, a simplified passenger experience, and access to a fractured organic market. In addition, LAL provides exceptional services boasting an 8,500’ long primary runway, a CAT III ILS, and 24/7/365 Airport Operations, Air Traffic Control, and ARFF services.

In 2021 the 15 zip codes comprising the LAL catchment area generated 2.8% of the region’s total airline demand, or 1.6 million annual passengers (up from 2.7% prior to the pandemic). This resulted in an average of 2,215 passengers per day each way. It should also be noted that LAL’s catchment outperformed the rest of central Florida only down 15% from 2019 as compared to 20%.

We look forward to finding the right airline ready to tap into this fractured market taking advantage of our growing demand.