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iGA Istanbul Airport becomes IATA's Regional Training Partner

Offering exceptional services to its passengers, constantly moving forward by focusing on technology, and boosting its reputation on an international level every day, iGA Istanbul Airport has signed the "Regional Training Partnership" agreement with the International Air Transport Association. 

Being among the best in the world in aviation and standing out with the various exclusive services it offers its passengers, iGA Istanbul Airport is entering into new collaborations with international organisations. 

Continuing its efforts for the development of the aviation industry, iGA Istanbul Airport has become the newest partner of IATA's training programme through its training structure, iGA Academy. The signing ceremony held at iGA Istanbul Airport was attended by Nihat Çukurkaya, Chief Human Resources Officer of iGA Istanbul Airport, Funda Çalışır, Regional Manager of IATA, and Erkan Dursun, Aviation Solutions Manager of IATA.

Within the scope of the contract signed with IATA, iGA becomes the newest partner of the IATA training program through the iGA Academy, and has the opportunity to offer all regionally determined courses in an accredited manner. In this way, iGA can both offer these courses to its staff, and market the training to trainees applying from other countries. 

At the 2022 Global Implementation Support Symposium, which was held in Istanbul by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), iGA Istanbul Airport signed a "Training Centre Accreditation agreement within the scope of the Global Education Agreement." Within the scope of the agreement, iGA Istanbul Airport became the newest partner of ACI's training program through its training structure, iGA Academy.

We carried our knowledge and experience in aviation to the international arena... 

Nihat Çukurkaya, Chief Human Resources Officer of iGA Istanbul Airport, made the following statement at the signing ceremony: "iGA Academy, which was established to provide high-quality training to all stakeholders in the aviation industry, particularly to iGA employees, is a place where industry employees "have strong technical skills to be able to continue their professional career all over the world". In line with this mission, we are putting our name on cooperation agreements with international organisations in the aviation sector. Lastly, we signed the "Regional Training Partnership" agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). So, besides expanding our training network in the aviation industry, we had the opportunity to transfer our knowledge and experience into the international arena. 

He said: "As the world's largest airport and the region's most important global hub, we will train both our employees and aviation professionals, and we will support the development of the industry through training."