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Takamatsu Airport

  • PAX: 1,809,000

About The Airport

Takamatsu Airport (TAK) is located in Takamatsu-city, Kagawa-Prefecture in Shikoku region. There are a number of branch offices of the central government and major companies located in the city.

TAK is located in an ideal place and functions as a gateway for not only Kagawa prefecture, but also entire Shikoku region. Capturing all the Shikoku region, TAK is blessed with wide catchment area (4 million residents in Shikoku). 

The number of pax marked the record high of 2 million in 2018. Multiple international air services from East Asia have been launched recently, and the number of pax has increased seven years in a row.

TAK was privatized in April 2018 and operared by Takamatsu Airport Co., Ltd.  The managementcompany is addressing various improvements including air network development, enhancement of transportation/parking lot, expanding the shopping area in the terminal. Huge investment in renovation and expansion of existing terminal is in progress.

Bus services are available between TAK and major cities in Shikoku region such as Takamatsu station, Sakaide, Marugame, Utazu, Kotohira and Iya Valley, where
growing number of tourist visits recently.