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ENIT wins the 29th Grand Travel Award

Italy with ENIT the best destination for Scandinavians

Italy is the best destination for Scandinavian travelers. Italy has won the 29th edition of the Grand Travel Award, organized by the historic trade publication Travel News, a leader in the sector since 1985. The event was held during a gala evening at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, under the flag of the great travel trade traditions.

The evening introduced awards in 11 categories from the tourism industry, a competition between suppliers both nationally and internationally, and it was Italy that earned the "Best Tourism Country in the World 2022" award.

Voting was organized by the Nordic Bench Institute through interviews with approximately 3,700 consumer-travelers (both for leisure and business) and travel agency employees.

The other award categories included airlines and hotel chains (domestic and international), followed by car rentals and cruises, as well as charter operators, special segment operators and companies with an eco-sustainable profile.

This year, thanks to Enit-Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo Italiano, the National Italian Tourism Agency, Italy makes its presence even stronger in Scandinavia, in fact, from 18 to 20 May, Italy will be present in Bergen on the occasion of Routes Europe, an annual event with decision-makers from airlines, airports and tourism boards dedicated to developing air travel services and discussing strategies for the world aviation sector. All the stakeholders of the sector, SEA Milan Airports, Lombardy Region, Milan Municipality and Bergamo Airport will be there.

"Enit has never stopped investing in networking and in constantly providing coaching and updates to tour operators. Continuous mediation work that gives the country a winning strategy and a practical and strategic vision that translates into the well-being and conscious choices of travelers to visit our country," Enit’s Chairman, Giorgio Palmucci tells us.

"European travelers have always made their presence felt in Italy. A steady stream of warm affection that has now taken shape with an international award of which we are very proud. The goal is to do better and better to expand the awareness and desire of Italy in the world. Occasions like this support and strengthen the already strong feelings towards our wonderful Peninsula", Enit’s CEO Roberta Garibaldi states.