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SEA Milan Airports
General Details
Organisation Type Airport
Country/Region Flag of Italy Italy
List of Top 5 Airlines Lufthansa Group, ITA, easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air
Number of Serving Airlines MXP: 105; LIN: 16
Number of Direct Destinations MXP: 210; LIN: 45
Number of Terminals MXP: 2; LIN: 1
Number of Runways MXP: 2; LIN: 1
Length of Main Runway (m) MXP: 3,920; LIN: 2,442
Passenger Numbers (mppa) MXP: 26.8 million; LIN: 8.4 million
Cargo Tonnes (p.a.) MXP: 545,000; LIN: 11,000
Ownership Municipality of Milan; F2i Sgr SpA; 2i Aeroporti SpA; Others
Operational Opening Hours MXP: 24h; LIN: 16h
Total Catchment Population 14 million residents within 120 km distance; 30 million residents within 300 km distance
Urban Population 3.1 million
Aircraft Parking Stands MXP: 194; LIN: 42