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Bologna Airport (BLQ)

  • PAX: 6,882,000

Introduction to Bologna Airport (BLQ)

Bologna Airport had 8.2 million passengers in 2017.

BLQ is located in one of the most advanced regions with nearly the highest social/economic standards in Italy.

BLQ is in the real centre of the railway & highway system in Italy. A general welfare due to very high family revenue and the highest standards of life in Italy (unemployment rate, is one of lowest in Italy). The highest concentration of medium size companies in Italy which drive the local economic develompemnt and the export. It is close to the major Italian leisure destinations (Venice, Florence, Milan, Rimini).

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Latest Bologna Airport (BLQ) News

Wizz Air to further expand from St Petersburg


Hungarian carrier Wizz Air is already planning to expand its first Russian base before it even opens.

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